Welcome to Habit Mastery

Creating transformation, one habit at a time.

Create Positive Habits 

& Achieve Your Goals.

Imagine what your life would look like in 12 months if you had mastered 12 new habits?

Creating new habits doesn't have to be difficult, when you focus on one small habit at a time.

In this way you can make progress daily towards transforming your life for the better. The good news is, you don't have to do it alone, with my support and the support of a community of like minded people you can and will succeed this time.

12 New Habits for 2021

Each month we will have a challenge, (if you opt for paid membership) from eating healthy and moving more to meditation and journaling. You can choose to add a new habit each  month or you can stick with one or two habits and get the support and accountability from the community.

This course will give you a framework for creating positive habits easily.

No More Struggle..

Have you been feeling stuck or finding it difficult to take action?

Have you struggled to implement changes that stick?

Are you feeling low or lacking motivation?

Do you think you are crap at habits?

All that can be in the past with Habit Mastery

Create any new habit with ease.

What you will get:

  • Daily interaction to keep you on track
  • Meditation, yoga and meet ups
  • Monthly Challenges to keep you motivated
  • Special Guests for added inspiration and motivation
  • Regular webinars for tips, Q&A and habit hacks
  • A community of like minded people ready to support and boost you when you feel like giving up

Design a Life you Love

The simplest way to make changes in your life is to focus on one small habit at a time. Regardless of the habit you focus on, each habit you master increases your confidence, your optimism and your wellbeing.

Libby's Story

"Thanks to Ciara I have created the habit of rising early.  I wasn't a morning person; now I don't have a problem getting up.

I have also learned to habit stack so I have also comfortably created the habit of writing and exercise.

 Ciara is very supportive. She goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals and master your habits. The content is thorough and interesting and I am so glad I decided to sign up.”

Sinead's Story

“My mindset has definitely improved. I feel like a better person, more confident. Working with Ciara has been transformational -- I am so grateful for her support and guidance. 

I have never come across anyone who has had such an impact on me and my life. Hand on heart I didn’t think I could overcome my inability to drag myself out of the bed in the mornings, but I have. 

am completely in awe that she was able to help me remove the obstructions and limiting beliefs that stopped me from creating this habit, simply by following her Habit Method framework, and all without even meeting her ! Amazing!! When I told my friends and family about it and they asked me Does it work? My reply was simply: 100%”.

"I'm beginning to realise the full and real benefits of exercise. This is a wonderful group.

Joanne, Sligo

I'm really loving this group, I used fight the routine, now I realise it gives me so much freedom, Thanks Ciara

Fiona, Donegal

The habit of Early Rising has changed everything for me, it's give me a sacred and silent space in the morning to gather myself before my children get up and the busy day begins. Can't recommend it enough.

Córa, Dublin

"In the 12 months I have worked with Ciara I have definitely become more motivated and productive in my life and I am a little kinder to myself."

Caroline, Roscommon

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